Electric ICU Bed

Electric ICU Bed

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The structure of our Electric ICU Beds is made up with four rectangular or round tube sections. The top part of the product is made-up with perforated mild steel sheet. These come with adjustable height up-to 95cm, ABS (Antilock Brake System) moulded four parts individual broadside rails, moulded top and bottom panels with lockup and corner buffers etc. The beds also feature the head and foot boards, which are outfitted with safety switches. For the efficient sustenance and protection of patients, the non-automatic CPR (Cardiopulmonary resuscitation) function is given. The noiseless casters and central locking system are also endowed with these Electric ICU Beds.

  • Precocious Linear Actuator system 01 Pc Control Box, 04 Pcs Motor, 01 Pc Handset.
  • Four Parts individual side rails, ABS die-caste. Structure made of rectangular M.S. Tubing.
  • ABS structured head and foot boards with corner buffers and locking.
  • 4 sections of the top is made up of Oval-shaped pierced CRCA (Cold Rolled Close Annealed) MS Sheet.
  • Bed affixed on 5" Dia Castor, equipped with central Braking system.
  • S.S. Telescopic IV Rod with 4 Positions
  • Finishing: Pretreated & Epoxy Powder Coating
Positions acquired by hand Remote :
  • Hi-Low
  • Backrest ascension
  • Knee-rest elevation
  • Reverse trendlenburg / Trendlenburg
Optional :
  • X-Ray Semitransparent Backrest
  • 4 Section Mattress ( USI - 5001C)
  • Non-automatic CPR for Backrest.